Watershed Resouce Center

What We Do

Watershed Resource Center, Inc. (WRC) is dedicated to blending agricultural and horticultural products based on sound agronomic and environmental principles. Our specific products are tailored to provide maximum results while protecting the environment, particularly within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. They are innovative in that they may achieve reductions in high soil Phosphorus levels, time Nitrogen application according to cropping needs, and eliminate Nitrogen when application is both unwarranted agronomically and—in the case of Maryland—when current laws and regulations prohibit the application. Some of our products such as our Mg-LIME and Phos-Fix are blended with Potassium which may be applied in the fall or the winter and, additionally, may eliminate a separate application. All of our products are registered with the Maryland Department of Agriculture and are in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.

Our History

Watershed Resource Center, Inc. (WRC) is owned and operated by a collaborative group of environmental scientists and operations experts with the common interest of ecologically friendly products and processes for the Chesapeake watershed.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create environmentally-friendly products that meet or exceed their conventional alternatives while helping growsers to protect their land and our Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Latest News

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