Watershed Resource Center, Inc. holds an active patent on our PHOS-FIX™ technology which incorporates agricultural gypsum into a blend of “A” class biosolids. The application of gypsum in agricultural products has been gaining increasing interest due to the material's superior benefits.

Adds Sulphur, an essential macronutrient

Sulphur is an essential macronutrient typically deficient in soils today. It is a component of enzymes that regulate photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation as well as strong root development. Sulphur is particularly important in legumes such as soybean and alfalfa, usually making dramatic yield increases.

Since the passage of the Clean Air Act of 1970, emissions of sulphur dioxide from combustion of fossil fuels has been reduced. Prior to the act, "acid rain" deposited sulphur to croplands, largely eliminating sulphur deficiencies. However, with today's cleaner air, farmers must now monitor and add sulphur as necessary. Typical crop removal rates of sulphur are 0.5 lbs./Bu to 2 lbs./Bu on corn and soybeans respectively.

Phos-Fix pileCalcium without pH increase

PHOS-FIX™ provides Calcium without increasing pH. This is important for soils deficient in Calcium but which otherwise require no pH adjustment.

Improves soil texture and water infiltration

The organic matter and gypsum in PHOS-FIX™ helps break up clay soils to allow better water infiltration for plant use.

Reduces soluble salts

PHOS-FIX™ aids in the leaching of salts from the root zone and downward into the soil. This helps maintain the proper balance so that water moves into the roots, not out of them.

Can tie up soil Phosphorus

PHOS-FIX™ chemically binds Phosphorus and negates or reduces its addition to soils.

Eliminates soil “crusting”

Eliminates soil crusting, the forming of a hard, impenetrable layer of clay on the soil's surface which may affect seedling germination and reduces water infiltration and air exchange.

Organic Matter

In addition to gypsum, PHOS-FIX™ also contains organic matter. Gypsum alone inherently bridges in typical agricultural spreaders making its application frustrating and time consuming, with uneven rates of application. The addition of organic matter not only adds inherent benefits, but also greatly enhances the spreading characteristics.

PHOS-FIX™ is applied using standard drag chain spinner spreaders commonly used in routine agricultural production.

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PHOS-FIX Brand Gypsum PLUS is our patented PHOS-FIX product with the addition of Potassium to produce a balanced fertilizer. PHOS-FIX supplies Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium and Sulfur as well as other micronutrients while adding no Phosphorus, or in some cases, even reducing background soil Phosphorus levels.

60–80 Lbs./acre based on rate of application of available K2O are included into the blend, again eliminating one field pass. As in our other products, the blending process eliminates particle separation thereby assuring even application.

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Custom Blends

Custom blends based on soil-specific cropping needs are also available as is custom application of our products. For more information, contact us today.