Adjusting soil pH with lime is a cornerstone of sound, cost effective agricultural production.


This product is identical to our Mg-LIME with the added benefit of blended Potassium.

PHOS-FIX™ Brand Gypsum

WRC, Inc. holds an active patent on this technology which incorporates agricultural gypsum into a blend of “A” class biosolids.

PHOS-FIX™ Brand Gypsum PLUS

This product provides the benefits of PHOS-FIX™ brand Gypsum with the addition of Potassium.

WRC Topsoil

A blended and screened product with a soil textural class of sandy loam.

Eco-Gro™ & Eco-Gro™ PLUS

This product is a blended “A” class biosolids amended to a balanced fertilizer.

WRC Bldg

Conveniently Located near Perdue Grain Transfer Facility

Watershed Resource Center is conveniently located just one mile from Perdue Grain And Oilseed, LLC, one of the largest grain transfer facilities on the east coast. So once you've delivered your crops to Perdue, you can swing by WRC and pick up lime, gypsum, or any of our agricultural products and fertilizers to backhaul on your return trip home.

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